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Large nests

On a hazy day, in the distance by a wetland, a large bird flew down on a branch.  Day to day, birds of prey can be seen and heard.  There are many large nests to observe.  Which species use each nest, is yet to be determined.  In the least, could it be safe to say these large birds forage here?
Large bird rests on branch, in the distance.
Large nest at top of tall pine.
Large nest at top of tall coniferous tree.
Large nest (left side) on tall pine.

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To the left...

To the left of Camp Fire, there are at least three homes visible in this photo.  Lowe's is proposed to stand on Camp Fire.  If these homes can be seen from Camp Fire, no doubt will these homes see the proposed Lowe's.  In the upper-left portion of the photo are a few nests.  There are a few more nests just left of this image and around the site.

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Wildlife lookout

Thank you to a friend who shared this photo of a hunter's staging in the woods.  They say the hunter lost his license for suspicious activity, and a few good people have kept an eye out for his vehicle if he ever returns.  There is no hunting allowed in these woods.  It is a wildlife reserve... at least it is written in the good City of Peabody's Open Space Plan.  

Tear this down or keep as a lookout for admiring the wildlife?

News: Lynn Mayor doubts traffic study

Lynn Mayor doubts traffic study
by Thor Jourgensen for the Daily Item
Monday Nov. 22, 2010

Read more here: http://itemlive.com/articles/2010/11/22/news/news03.txt

Large bird soars the sky

Thank you to Brian for keeping an eye on the sky to find a bald eagle, and sharing this recent photo of a large bird soaring high.

Click on photo to zoom in.  
If experts determine what type of species this is, comments will be posted here. 

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Bald Eagle sightings

An important message by a conservationist:
         "There have likely been sightings of a young bald eagle here.  Three different people have reported the sightings last week in the area.  Currently, there are nesting locations along the Merrimac River and the population is increasing.  Therefore the Bald Eagles are going to need to travel further & further to forage.  Spring Pond Woods and Lynn Woods are perfect given the large water land tracts, large water bodies and large pines."

Please keep a lookout for the Bald Eagle!!!   Please report sightings to Natural Heritage, Mass Audubon and/or please contact  peace@springpondwoods.com, tel. 617.418.3009, to let us know.

p.s.  I have to admit, I've been a big dumby to not think of this sooner.  I am no expert on birds, while this has been mostly Leslie Courtemanche's expertise.  After researching through images of what a juvenile bald eagle looks like (example left), I now believe one came into my sight a month ago.  I remember its cute spiky hair and orangey beak.  The bird seemed rare and different from the other birds usually seen in Spring Pond.  Mersini, an European flora naturalist, has seen the same bird, and has been telling me of an adult bird with a white head, and a brown and white body, possibly living off the path.  The description of the adult bird, sounds like a bald eagle. Many have seen hawks and turkey vultures flying around the area as well.  There may be an increasing amount of bird sightings on the Lynn and Salem side to come, since acres of woods on the Peabody side have burnt.

Bald Eagles are an endangered listed species in Massachusetts.  They like to live near large bodies of water, on mature trees... mostly pine.  Spring Pond Woods is noted by the City of Peabody as being an important regional wildlife corridor in Lynn, Peabody and Salem.  Keeping the night sky dark, and the woods intact is highly important (not laughable).

Our search continues through these cold months.

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Old newspaper clipping: Mineral Spring Hotel

The Mineral Spring Hotel was in Lynn, bordering the Salem/ Peabody line, where the Fay Mansion later once stood.  The tract of land in Lynn, Salem and Peabody was mostly pasture, with some forest, creating an enjoyable retreat on the facing hillsides of Spring Pond.  In 1849, Richard Sullivan Fay bought the hotel and converted it into a residence, utilizing the pastures and planting an exotic natural arboretum.

From the Salem Gazette, July 2, 1841

More info on the hotel can be found here.  


Salem Planning Board Meeting: Thur, Dec. 2

The Lowe's/ Walmart hearing for this Thur Nov. 18, has been rescheduled to:

Thur, Dec. 2
7:00 pm
Salem Public Planning Board Meeting
Salem Annex Building
120 Washington Street, Salem, 3rd fl, Rm 313

Please share this message with those who may be interested.  
This meeting is open to all members of the 'public', regardless of zip code.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

"Nature's first green is gold, 

Her hardest hue to hold. 

Her early leaf's a flower; 

But only so an hour. 

Then leaf subsides to leaf. 

So Eden sank to grief, 

So dawn goes down to day. 

Nothing gold can stay." 

                       ~ Robert Frost 

In the period of approaching winter, near the final judgement of the Salem Planning Board's decision on the fate of whether acres of Spring Pond Woods would be delivered to Wal-mart's expansion and a new Lowe's, morality is set parallel to
 shortsighted transience of nature's cycle, with wonder if the trees will green again.   If an advocate would complete Robert Frost's poem, it would be certain to be written with the belief that the rhythm of nature will repeat, as it does with color before winter's break, and in the return of spring.  Hope is like the season of winter waiting for spring, hoping to hear the animals and all who enjoy these woods, roam here again... hoping the trees will bud once more, grow green, recolor and repeat the cycle over again.  "Nothing gold can stay", conceivably returns in some way.

Please join us at the continuation of the Salem Planning Board Public Meeting, Thursday, December 2, 7pm, Salem City Annex Bldg., 120 Washington St., Rm. 313.

peace on

News: Walmart makes us fat

An article by Kevin Lewis in The Boston Globe, on Nov. 14, reveals uncommon knowledge from social science studies that Wal-mart makes people fat.

Here in Spring Pond Woods, Wal-mart wants to expand to a supercenter, and Lowe's wants to build next to Wal-mart.  Both stores will be clearing trees and blasting ledge.  There is already a Wal-mart store in a building with other stores.  The building is large enough for Wal-mart to take over and expand in... but an excuse we've heard in the Salem Public Meeting (June 3rd), as to why land cannot be conserved is because the store wishes to make the aisles wider.  The aisles in Wal-mart are already wide enough.


Letter to the Editor: wife of a union worker

A letter to the Editor of the Daily Item, was written today by the wife of a union worker (click on image to view).  She wants her husband to not travel far sometimes, to not have to sleep in a van for work.  She thinks the trees are tall weeds, and that someone's concern of the night sky is laughable.  She thinks this project will solve drainage issues (if its just weeds we are talking about?)  At least many already know there is a colorful arboretum of forest here.  If you don't like walking through the woods, visit this website often, to see how beautiful it is.

Here is a solution for the union workers, looking for 'Lowe's jobs':  
Fill out an application to work in Lowe's stores.  
1.  You will not have to travel far, to Danvers.
2.  You can use your trade skills to work in the store.

But the union workers probably do not want a job at Lowe's?  Lowe's is not known as a union store.  It might be safe to say, union workers would rather travel far and sleep in vans, rather than work in Lowe's?

Why would a union worker want to build a store in Salem that does not support union employees?  Would the union workers rather see their wives, friends and relatives work in non-union stores, constructed by their very own hands?

Thanks for writing this letter.  


News: Abutter's concerns a snag for big boxes

Daily Item, November 11, 2010

(See, its important to not make inaccuracies or mistakes regarding wetlands.  Two years later, an appeal appears.  Click on article above to read more on the abutter's appeal.   :)

Lowe's in Rochester, NH

Once upon a time, there were the peaceful hills of New Hampshire.  

Along came Lowe's, and sliced off a hilltop.

Then, along came the crowding.

Thank you, to a friend for sharing these photos, regarding someone's request to acquire images of Lowe's in NH.  Request:  "If anyone is traveling to New Hampshire--please take a picture of Lowe's in Rochester, NH, Route 16 southbound lane..... They blew the top off a mountain, re-configured Route 16 and it is a disgusting MESS. Unbelievable traffic now and Lowe's rises above all else and half of the remaining mountain is rip-rap stone leading into a mosquitoe-infested detention pond. This is what Highland Ave. will look like. Go take a picture so we can show reality!"  (note:  The Lowe's proposed in Salem will set higher from the road.)

Ice Fire

7 Ice Houses in South Peabody, mysteriously caught fire, all at once.
Thank you to Tom O. for sharing this old newspaper article, 
in light of the recent fire in S. Peabody.

Click to view...

Remnant piers on shore...

Please sign...

The Lions International is an organization of 45,000 clubs with 1.35 million members world wide, dedicated in maintaining and serving the cultural community, respecting the Lion's policy to protect the environment

Among the millions of the Lions, hopefully there is at least one, who will realize our efforts in trying to preserve Spring Pond Woods.   It would be an honor, to be recognized as a Lions.  Please sign this certificate, found on the Lion's Club International page, to show an appreciation to those who are restlessly acting on protecting the environment.

To send a certificate of appreciation, email to peace@springpondwoods.com
And thank you, for your efforts in protecting our planet.

There is one thing to be aware of.  Camp Lion, a related organization to the Lynn Lions Club of the Lions Clubs International, is selling acres of forest and wetland for destruction, contrary to the Lion's environmental policy.

Please share this message.

Fall foliage colors

A scientist once credited the sight of colors in helping longevity... The wonder.
Maybe this is true, as colors are known to evoke certain emotions in places and retreats, helping the blood flow.

Green is peaceful, symbolizes nature, refreshing, relaxing & restful, feeling of warmth.
Sky blue and reflecting water is calm, tranquil, serene, and purifying.
Yellow captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness, energizing and uplifting.
Orange evokes enthusiasm and excitement.
Red is vibrant, rich and elegant, pumping the heart like no other hue.

Here are a few fall palette colors, from the trees of Spring Pond Woods. 

Images, a few weeks old...


News: Brush fire in Peabody

15-25 acres of woods in Peabody caught fire.
Trees, and part of an important regional wildlife corridor was reduced.

News: Brush fire in Peabody

The wildlife corridor is being reduced, by a fire in the northern end of the woods.   Are there measures in place to replant what is burnt?... as done in other places.

From the Salem News:
PEABODY — Firefighters from several departments are working on a brush fire that continues to burn in South Peabody.  The blaze is in the woods behind the 14th hole of The Meadow golf course off Granite Street and is spread out over several acres. More information will be posted when it becomes available.

Read more here: www.salemnews.com/local/x1364881394/Brush-fire-in-South-Peabody

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