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              Mr. Fay's Arboretum was once a well known place, notable for being one of the earliest arboretums, predating Olmstead and for having trees being sighted here first in the country.  People enjoyed walking the estate, admiring the vast variety of native and exotic foliage.  Below is a map of the inventoried flora in the historic Fay Estate.   There is more area (blank areas) to further inventory, as this is only an initial study.  The love of nature and history of this hidden treasure is one of the biggest reasons why so many wish to preserve the entire area.   In comparing the species of flora with historic research, this drawing reveals the hidden gem we have here in Essex County, in Lynn, Peabody and Salem, MA.  I hope regional planning includes uniting these three cities to preserve this old paradise and beloved area.   Three cities are connected here by the recreational wooded areas around Spring Pond.  

The arboretum map will be updated on occasion, when a new inventory of flora is made.  
To view, click on map, and again to zoom in. Right-click to download. 
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