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Map of  Trails (dashed brown, pink and blue lines)

Map of Trails.  Image from 'GPS Kit HD' for iPad.  

Regional Wildlife Corridor, under threat

Latest Mass GIS data
Screen-shot of maps from OLIVER: http://maps.massgis.state.ma.us/map_ol/oliver.php

Open Space and Conservation
Conservation areas, Surface Water Protection areas, Wetlands and Pine Barrens. 

Orange line denotes old Fay Estate.

Wetlands and Pine Barren
Wetlands, Surface Water Protection areas, Vernal Pools and Pine Barrens. 
Topographic lines represent 10' contour of land.

Topography of facing hillsides
Facing Hillsides to Spring Pond. Topographical lines represent 10' contours.

3d model - Topography of facing hillsides
3d Google Earth Topography
watershed concerns

Fay Estate plot plan
Overlay of 1899 Plot Plan, showing Fay Estate in Lynn, Peabody and Salem


Spring Pond Woods

Water Supply Protection
In 1909, the Town of Peabody purchased 109.5 acres around Spring Pond in Peabody and Salem, for the purpose to protect and preserve the purity of the water. (Shaded blue areas denote areas of protection. Camp Lion's parcel in pink was not purchased, for whatever reason.

'Lion land' transfers, proposals

Note:  Lowe's has withdrawn from proposal.

Open Space Plan, City of Salem
Salem Open Space Plan strategized to preserve Camp Lion.

Threat, Retail Expansion

Note:  Lowe's has withdrawn from plans 

Camp Fire (tenant of Camp Lion)
Lowe's once proposed to build over Camp Fire facilities.  Camp Fire currently has no money to rebuild.

Maps above created using data extracted from Mass GIS, drawn in Vectorworks Designer: Architect / Landmark / Renderworks, by Katerina P.

Historical Map c1900

Native American Maps

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