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In the News... Lynn Water and Sewer Commission warns impact

LWSC warns on Big Box project impact, By David Liscio / The Daily Item
LYNN - Lynn Water and Sewer Commission (LWSC) officials say plans to expand the Walmart store and build a Lowe's Home Improvement Center on Highland Avenue in Salem will impact the agency's drainage system.  Read more here... http://www.itemlive.com/articles/2010/05/28/news/news03.txt

In the News... Lynn City Council votes for Opposition

On May 25, the Lynn City Council voted for the resolution to stop the developments.  

The resolution is proposed at 17:55 minutes in the video here:  

In the News.... Lynn City Council voted for Opposition!

Lynn panel resolutely against Big Box project
By David Liscio / The Daily Item

LYNN - The City Council galvanized Tuesday against the developers of a proposed big-box retail center on the Salem line, adopting a resolution that outlines why the project should be stopped.
Read more here...

Please don't forget to thank the Lynn City Councilors for voting to take a stand against the developments which are threatening the neighborhoods, traffic, drainage, the wildlife and the environment around Spring Pond.


Would you stick your head in a microwave?... Cell tower at Camp

There is a cell tower on Camp Lion property, near a camp ground for children.

Here's a glimpse from approximately 770 meters away of the tower.  Research on cell towers from expert scientists around the world have lead to consider a safe distance from towers to be around 400 meters, and the risk escalates while getting closer.  
Cell phone towers are everywhere, and this is the reality we are forced to live with, but in recent news concerns for the most vulnerable ones with the highest health risk to these towers are children ( Cell Phone Antennas Blammed for Kindergarten Cancer Cases ).

In the map below, is an approximate area showing 400 meters (1,312 feet).  Please note, satellite photos have been known to be off by 10-60 feet.

Here is other news, where Firefighters have banned cell phone towers on fire stations.

"If they are not an appropriate place for fire stations, then they certainly are not appropriate places for our schools, (our CAMPS,) our neighborhoods and our parks! PLEASE CHANGE Your ORDINANCE, AND MAKE IT MORE RESPONSIBLE!"

Here is a map of the cell phone tower on Camp Lion's property.  Map derived from http://www.antennasearch.com  
To locate a cell phone tower near you, follow this link. 

Things to do to protect your home or work: http://www.emwatch.com/EMF%20Protection.htm

More Resources and links:

In the News... Walmart Bloggers

Here are just a few interesting news articles regarding pro-Walmart bloggers.

New York Times -
Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers in P.R. Campaign

Walmart Watch -
Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers To Combat Negative News

Here's just a post regarding a local blogger -

In the news... Big Box talk off

Big Box talk off
SALEM - Today's scheduled meeting before the Planning Board related to the proposed expansion of the Walmart store and construction of a Lowe's Home Improvement Center on Highland Avenue has been postponed to June 3.

Read more here... (click image to view & again to zoom in)

The Marblehead Swampscott Commute

The Towns of Marblehead and Swampscott need to cut through Salem on the North West side.
If traffic congestion increases on Rt. 107, making it difficult for towns to access the north and highways for Rts.1 or 128.... are the towns at least aware?

Salem and Lynn Residents and officials have been attending the Salem Public Hearings, open to all members of the 'Public'.   A few residents in Peabody are aware now of different concerns.  If any member of the 'Public' has concerns or questions of this development, please join us at the next Salem Public Hearing, scheduled June 3, 7pm at 120 Washington St., Salem, 3rd fl (left off the elevators, last door on the right).

Please also join us at the next group meeting in opposition to the developments,
on May 26, 7pm at 16 Coolidge Rd, Lynn, or feel free to stop by and sign the petition.
There is also opposition to the new Sewage Dump on Swampscott Road... besides the air pollution, the dump will also increase the traffic with hundreds of trash trucks per day on Rt. 107.

For more posts regarding traffic see:  http://www.springpondwoods.com/search/label/Traffic

click on image to enlarge

Report: Forest cover declining across New England

Here is a news report in the Boston Globe:
By Steve LeBlanc

The above link is an article of Harvard Forest, Harvard University

Bad Accident and Traffic today

Here are photos submitted from someone who was sitting in traffic on Highland Ave today for a 'long while'. There was an accident on the southbound side of Highland Ave, on the Lynn/Salem line, heading into Lynn.

In the 1st and 2nd Photo
Heading north on Highland Ave near Lynn/ Salem line. There is an Ambulance ahead which was fighting the 'grid lock' to get through the traffic for about 10 minutes, from Buchanan Bridge to the site of the accident.

Accident ahead.

Traffic backup on the southbound side of Highland Ave, north of the accident scene.

In front of Walmart

Cars were annoyed waiting for so long in traffic, that they began to ignore the light signal- clogging the intersection by Walmart... blocking the access in and out of driveways all along Highland Ave. Cars were honking at each other... it was just grid lock.

The driver who took these photos also commented they did not stop at a business on rt. 107, because if they got off the road, they would not be able to get back on easy. They also gave up traveling down this road to work last year, because it is too congested to get through in the am hours.

Thanks blogger!

Like to send a special thanks to another blogger S.D. who has given our cause much attention!  Thanks for posting about our cause on your blog and linking to the recent newspaper article!   Don't worry, your potty mouth attacks on several blogs have not been bothersome, and there is now some safety knowing who might of been behind the several fake Facebook accounts targeting a certain person.   Is that your writing too on the newspaper blogs?

Do you really work on marketing for Wal-Mart and Lowes as you posted on a local blog?....   

Couldn't help reading all your 'pipe dreams' for a new Super Wal-Mart and Lowes on your personal blog and in others (in several posts)... since January (or sooner was it?).  Interesting how your double vision came more to light a couple months later.

Sorry we respectfully are unable to return the favor and give your blog attention with a direct link, but we will be happy to share the info if needed.   

Do you know anything about realty?  If so, maybe you can help the developments find a lot which doesn't have a negative impact on the community and environment.  


Salem Public Hearing update

The Salem Public Hearing 
for this Thursday, May 20 
has been continued to 

Thursday, June 3rd
7:00 pm

120 Washington St., 3rd fl
Open to all members of the 'Public'

Submit Comments to MEPA

Here is a link to the ENF form submitted to MEPA, The Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act, by the... Development Group.  

Send Your objections or commentary regarding this submittal to MEPA. 
Please write to Ian A. Bowles, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs,  the following... 

     'I understand the commentary period has expired for the Proposed Lowe's, Walmart and Meineke Expansions, and Future Camp Lion Improvements, EEA No. 14532.   I was not aware sooner, and I wish to request an acceptance to my commentary to be amended to the review.  I have significant (environmental, traffic, historical, etc.) concerns that need to be also addressed.   (followed by comments) ' 

Include your concerns regarding traffic congestion/ pollution/ global warming concern, the rare flora and wildlife you have seen, the existence of wetlands, the impact on the nearby ponds, and neighborhoods, historical value of the old estate, public parcel, etc...  (ASAP!... please)

The mailing address for comments is:

Secretary Ian A. Bowles
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA)
Attn: MEPA Office
Dierdee Buckley, EEA No. 14532
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston MA 02114

cc. A digital copy of the letter to the Department Email, and note the hard copy to Your letter is in the mail.

Traffic Facts from WakeUpWalmart

The Real Facts About Wal-Mart's Traffic Impact
Walmart stores generate a significant amount of traffic congestion.
  • Walmart stores can put a lot of new car traffic on the roads. An average-size Walmart Supercenter will generate nearly 10,000 car trips per day1.
  • Studies on the potential impact of Walmart expansion in three California cities, Milpitas2, San Bernardino3, and Sonora4, found that it would have a “significant and unavoidable” impact on traffic near the store.
  • Walmart stores also cause a major increase in truck traffic. A Supercenter often has between seven and nine tractor-trailers arriving every day, as well as one or two smaller trucks delivering goods from vendors. When a Walmart store is converted to a Supercenter, the store may see an increase of three tractor-trailer deliveries per day.5
Traffic generated by Walmart worsens air quality.
  • In May 2009, a judge in San Bernardino County, CA overturned approval of Walmart’s plans to build a Supercenter in Yucca Valley, CA, stating that Walmart’s proposal underestimated the large amounts of greenhouse gas, dust, and ozone pollution that the store would generate6.
  • A review of a proposed Walmart expansion in Fairfield, CA found that greenhouse gas emissions related to the expansion would have a “significant unavoidable impact7”.
1. Figure based on 1) the average Supercenter store size of 186,000 square feet, cited in Walmart Stores, Inc. Form 10-K for the year ended January 31, 2009 and 2) Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation Rates, 8th Edition, for Free Standing Discount Superstores (ITE Code 813), reproduced online at http://www.mikeontraffic.com/2009/08/trip-generation-8th-edition-spreadsheet.html
2. “Draft Environmental Impact Report: Milpitas Walmart Expansion Project,” prepared for the City of Milpitas Planning and Neighborhood Services Department by Michael Brandman Associates, November 5, 2009, p. 2-16. http://www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov/_pdfs/plan_eir_walmart_expansion_deir.pdf
3. “Highland Avenue Walmart Expansion Project Environmental Impact Report,” Prepared for the City of San Bernardino by Michael Brandman Associates, October 15, 2009, pp. 2-2 and 2-3. http://www.ci.san-bernardino.ca.us/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=6903 NB: Since the draft document was so lengthy, it was incorporated by reference into the final version; only alterations to the draft text were present in the final version issued October 15, 2009. The document linked to here is the draft version, but the relevant sections cited were not altered in the final version
4. “Sonora Walmart Expansion Project: Draft Environmental Impact Report,” prepared for the City of Sonora Department of Community Development by Michael Brandman Associates, December, 17 2009. http://www.sonoraca.com/walmarteir.htm.
5. “Sonora Walmart Expansion Project: Draft Environmental Impact Report,” prepared for the City of Sonora Department of Community Development by Michael Brandman Associates, December, 17 2009. http://www.sonoraca.com/walmarteir.htm.
6. “Judge blocks Walmart's supercenter proposal for Yucca Valley,” Margot Roosevelt, The Los Angeles Times, May 16, 2009. http://articles.latimes.com/2009/may/16/local/me-Walmart16.
7. Draft Environmental Impact Report prepared for Fairfield, CA, March 2006, Chapter 2, p. 14. http://www.ci.fairfield.ca.us/files/Ch-2.pdf. Since the draft document was so lengthy, it was incorporated by reference into the final version issued later in 2006; only alterations to the draft text were present in the final version. The document linked to here is the draft version, but the relevant sections cited were not altered in the final version.


X marks the spot for todays posting of traffic pics, at the intersection of Rt. 107 Highland Ave and Marlborough Rd, Salem.  The photos were taken on Friday, May 14, 2010 at 4:30pm, and the photo on Marlborough Rd was at 6:00pm.   (I know this post isn't necessary because most of us already know how bad traffic is here.)

Driving Northbound on Rt. 107 Highland Ave, towards Marlborough Rd. (Swampscott Rd intersection is ahead before Marlborough Rd.)

'oops'... Stuck at Swampscott Rd. intersection.  'sorry guys'  (long wait to get to turn left onto Marlborough Rd)

'oops again... can't back up'. (look how far back the cars end up.)  Oh yeah... and here's the drag race course on the right hand side, until it gets to traffic ahead.  Thank goodness they created a lane merger before reaching Lynn's dense neighborhoods.  There used to be many deaths before the lane merger.

On to Marlborough Rd.  'Feel so sorry for the other lane which is backed up.' 

Now image the traffic nearly doubling (says so here under Transportation, filed to MEPA by the developer). However, there is another study stating the traffic will be a lot worse... here, just for Wal-mart alone.  What is the traffic increase for Lowe's?  And is everyone aware of the new Transition Station off Highland Ave, which promises to bring hundreds of Trash Truck trips per day to RT. 107.  'What will we be really getting ourselves into?' - a question from a woman at the Public Hearing.

Here's more traffic pictures at Buchanan Bridge (Floating Bridge) on Rt. 107 Western Ave., Lynn (South of the site for development):

Public or Private property?

Salem took 4 acres by eminent domain from the Camp (says so here...).  And today Salem is selling this parcel (which is now public) to the Retailer (says so in the 2nd drawing below).

This 1st drawing, shows the current ownership of the parcels.   Salem's Public Parcel of 4 acres (which was once the Camp's parcel) will become a Lowe's parking lot, Lowe's access road and then part of Super Wal-Mart's lot, as seen in the next images.  (click on images to enlarge, then right-click to download if needed).

Question!  What is Camp Lion getting out of this?  A camp behind Lowe's and in between future residential developments?    I see no land swap for the camp, just more land  and pristine woods being taken away.

Lowe's proposed... on one of the highest hill tops on Highland/ Western Ave, siting over Salem's Public parcel, Camp Lion's parcel, pristine woods and WETLANDS (see link to plans). Super Wal-Mart will propose a similar negative environmental impact.

So why the Salem Public Hearings if it appears Salem wants this deal?   Because the developments are seeking a permit to build over Wetlands.  (Exact wording of the hearing:  Planned Unit Special Development Permit, and Wetlands and Flood Hazard Overlay District Special Permit)  A 'special permit' can be given to an enormous development for this?

Camp Lion is a Non-profit Open Space

List of Rare Species in Mass

For a list of rare species in Massachusetts, which may be found in these woods, please visit

Then please find the report forms here, and  feel free to share your photos and data to peace@springpondwoods.com

Thank you!  
(And thanks to a friend for sharing the link)


Report Rare Species Forms

Thank you to those who submitted photos of rare species.  This is great.
This next step might be helpful to take.  If you find the time, please take a look at this information below found from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.


To report rare species, please fill out a Rare Animal or Rare Plant Observation Form and send to the address at the bottom of this post or there is an number to call them with questions and concerns.   Please include with your form(s) a copy of a USGS topographic map found below or here http://maps.massgis.state.ma.us/massgistopos  
(Click on map to enlarge, then right-click to download.

with the location of the observation marked as precisely as possible. Topographic maps can also be printed from the following website:  TopoZone (please select 1:24k/25k series)

Rare Animal and Rare Plant Observation Forms can be downloaded and printed in multiple formats:
  1. PDF Files:
    To print PDF documents, you'll need a free pdf reader, such as 
    Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

  2. Electronic Forms:
    to fill out an electronic version of the Rare Animal and Rare Plant Observation Forms on your computer, click on the link below and start typing. Once the form is complete, print out and sign a copy and mail it to Natural Heritage as you would a regular form. Please do not send completed forms via e-mail.

Note: when filling out the above forms, use the Tab key to move between fields. Do not use the Enter key, as it will change the formatting of the form.

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
1 Rabbit Hill Rd, Westborough, MA 01581
Tel: (508) 389-6300; Fax: (508) 389-7890

Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program Tel: (508) 389-6360; Fax: (508) 389-7891

(thank you to a friend for the link)

Inquiries to USDA

From the U.S. Department of Agrigulture (USDA) Forest Service website:
The research and development (R&D) arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service works at the forefront of science to improve the health and use of our Nation's forests and grasslands. Research has been part of the Forest Service mission since the agency's inception in 1905. Today, some 500-plus Forest Service researchers work in a range of biological, physical, and social science fields to promote sustainable management of Nation's diverse forests and rangelands. Their research covers a lot of territory, with programs in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and commonwealths. The work has a steady focus on informing policy and land management decisions, whether it addresses invasive insects, degraded river ecosystems, or sustainable ways to harvest forest products. The researchers work independently and with a range of partners, including other agencies, academia, nonprofit groups, and industry. The information and technology produced through basic and applied science programs is available to the public for its benefit and use.

USDA Forest Service
Attn: Quantitative Sciences Staff, 
Dr. Guy Robertson 
1621 North Kent Street, RPC4 
Arlington, VA 22209-2137
(703) 605-1071

(thanks to a friend for the link)

Native American Archeological study

We are looking for grad students willing to do archeological and biological studies of Camp Lion lot.  Native Americans utilized elevated sites, like Camp Lion, for hunting camps. If there is evidence of native American occupation NAGPRA regulations come into effect. We have indication through court documents c1710 that an Indian was slayed here while on the estate, and are hoping for other evidence.

                   - This is a tip from a concerned citizen

Please email peace@springpondwoods.com 


Get those cameras ready! 
For those who live near the woods or travel into them, please send us your pictures of the rare wildlife you have noticed. This information will be useful when appealing.

Or please send us letters documenting the sightings.

Please include approximate location of sighting.
Your name, address and phone number so you may be reached if needed. 

And if you would like your information shared online... and if you would want your first name included.  Thank you.

Please email peace@springpondwoods.com

Please Share this Message.


We have a few people waiting to take photos of the many deer and rare birds which have been seen in these woods and the rare flora.   

Still mesmerized over this picture of the sunlight falling from the sky on this land we stand to protect.  Click on image to enlarge.  (Photo looking at the hill from Highland Ave, where Lowe's wishes to go.)
This was taken when there was break in traffic from the lights, at around 11am on a weekday.

BAMB! Lynn Item helps residents become aware of Elevation thoughts

Front Page Lynn Item:
Lynn artist's mockup shows possible impact of Lowe's, Wal-Mart on Rt. 107 site

Comments from our local designer:
"I grew up in Lynn, and also grew up loving Salem visiting all the scenes from Salem Willow's to Pickering Wharf, the heart of Downtown Salem, Peabody Essex Museum, (my favorite stair at) The House of Seven Gables, Forest River Park... I have also worked in two Architect Firms in Salem as an Architect-Apprentice at Gray Architects and H.H. Morant Architects who also consulted for another firm in Salem Nilsen and Siden Architects.  I have worked on several drawings reviving Salem's downtown area.  Now I'm trying to help Salem not destroy these pristine woods which are important to Salem, Lynn,  Peabody and other communities.  I am heart broken by this project.  Please help us stop this development which is negatively impacting so many people and our environment.

This project is bad for Salem in many ways:  It will clog the access roads to their downtown area, take away from small businesses, food stores and Home Depot, and hurt their own residents living near this area.  I do not understand how a project which will have such a negative impact on the community deserves to take away these pristine and historic wooded retreats, loved by all.

Not to mention the roads will be made difficult for residents of Swampscott and Marblehead to access, through Salem."

~ Aikaterini

Click on image (2x) or link above to read the news article.

Drawings of Plans are found here:

Action Letter to Camp Lion

Someone began an online action, to send letters to the Board Members of the Camp Lion and the Admin of the International Lion's Club Camp, in request to make their entire property Conservation Land.  

Link to action letter:    http://environment.change.org/petitions/view/save_spring_pond_retreat

Or email the Members directly:
President Sean Crowley...   candlepinkid@aol.com
Secretary John Baker...        johnthelion@myway.com
Treasurer Paul Crowley...   pcrowley@payrollex.com
Web Master Al Clark...        ajc669@yahoo.com
International Lions Club:   districtadministration@lionsclubs.org


First Tulips in Nation found at Fay Estate

It is believed the first American tulips in the nation appeared here in the Fay Estate.  In 1847, Richard Sullivan Fay, Esq., one of Lynn's noblest men, eminent agriculturist, merchant and manufacturer, occupied the land, changing the use of Mineral Spring Hotel to a Mansion. The Fay Estate was 500 acres located partly in Lynn, and partly in present day Peabody and Salem. 

Mr. Fay imported a vast variety of trees and plants from all parts of the world, and filled the empty meadows of the Fay Estate.  People once toured the arboretum estate to admire the foliage.  Signs of historic lore still remain through the land today.   A map of the flora is found here: www.springpondwoods.com/p/arboretum.html  The map will updated when more area is studied.

An article clipping from the Daily Item, written in 1952

Deed of Camp Lion

A few people are searching for the deed of Camp Lion, and former Land owners of the Fay Estate and Crowninshield Estate.   If anyone finds anything, please email a copy to peace@springpondwoods.com  

We have a copy of Mr. Fay's will to analyze.  Yes...  Camp Lion, including the grounds of old Rich's now Walmart, used to be part of the 500 acres of the Fay and Crowninshield Estate

And did the old Camp Members call to protect the land in a deed?  

This is a statement from their website:
"The lions of the day thought it beneficial to keep an area forever wild as a refuge because of the urban expansion taking place throughout the communities."

Drawings: Elevations (approx. study)

Trying to have an idea with this study, approximately sketching what this project will look like with a bigger Wal-Mart, big box Lowes and water tower on top of the hill, of the highest point of Western and Highland Ave!

Current condition... hope these woods stay untouched.

The Plans are found here:  http://www.springpondwoods.com/2010/05/drawings.html

click on images above to enlarge

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