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Turtle stones

Back in September of 2010, a researcher of Native American culture contacted me and shared an interesting aspect of tribal history.  He said the mystical symbolism of native art and story is partially representing a philosophy of life which derived from the turtle.  He asked if any of the stones here I came across resemble a turtle.  Since this inquiry, the thought and forms of turtles appear each time when passing a new site.  Maybe these stones are marvelous pieces of man-made art (a combination of natural glacial boulders, with added human touch), or maybe these are magentising natural forms of art?

There are 2 of these stone formations, in direct alignment.

This stone is in alignment with the one above.
There is a small flat stone placed on the bottom right side, hidden within the ground cover, which appears like a turtle's head.

This stone is not far from the other two, in a pool of water.

A stone appears in solid form.

The appearing geometrical face on this stone, is symmetrical on both sides.

There are several other boulders with smaller stones beneath, not shown.

Here are some interesting links on the Native American Turtle.

It has been said by many, these woods in the past were pillaged and filtered by visitors who collected an arrow each year while at camp, and there was an active archeological dig from a large and popular local museum, where artifacts were collected.  One cultural commissioner shared, that there is a book in this museum, which talks about a settlement at Spring Pond.  The museum today is not responding to requests, to see a list of the inventory collected from these woods.  Back in May of 2010, I was told by someone in the state of Massachusetts to "stop (my) research"...perhaps because Massachusetts treats Native American sites like Area-51, to prevent looting?  But the site from what I understand has already been looted, and if the people do not know about Native American sites, how can we stand to protect them?  Discouraged by the state, I contacted the Department of Interior, National Park Service on Native American culture, sharing photos of other, more obvious stones... and then a man phoned from the department to encourage me to continue the battle to protect this site.  And so the battle continues.

peace on

Lions Clubs International teams with Wal-mart

In a national campaign, The Lions Clubs International has teamed with Wal-mart to collect used glasses at Wal-mart stores across the country. A kiosk is found in stores, where glasses can be dropped off. The Lions Clubs International is now able to receive extensive advertisement and goods through Walmart's global market. In turn, Wal-mart and The Lions are able to demonstrate the good from these actions to the community. The Lions Clubs International website, further demonstrates a care for environment, through a tree planting campaign (in light of a policy made in 1972, to protect the environment. Link: http://lionsclubs.org/EN/member-center/planning-projects/sight/eyeglass-recycling/index.php.

A question to ask is, 'Do the board members of the Lions Clubs International care about the environment?' There are in fact many members around the world, doing good to protect the environment through individual programs.

1.  The Lions Clubs International has not responded to the concerns here. A division of the organization, the Lynn Lions Club, District 33N, has created and is affiliated with Camp Lion that has sold and is further selling acres of wild woodland for the destruction to build a Wal-mart expansion and new Lowe's.

2. The Lions Clubs International has received notification of the issues, through certified letters, hundreds of letters from an online petition, including a notice of complaint filed to the Attorney Generals Office in Massachusetts on the Lynn Lions Club and Camp Lion of Lynn Mass (by myself and others)... Reiterating the club(s) mission statement, charter's policy to protect the environment, or Camp Lion's Declaration of Articles to 'maintain a wild woodland'.

3. The Lions Clubs International is aware of the issues and concerns of the community, to save this spat of undeveloped land.

By ignoring the issues here, and by teaming with Wal-mart, are the Lions Clubs International now indicating support for the destruction of these pristine woods and wetlands in Salem?...Rather than saying NO to the very corporations (like Wal-Mart) whose project proposes to destroy it!

One may ask, 'Who are the Lions Clubs International?' The organization's great works does reflect somehow in the millions raised in funds, which in turn are mostly sent offshore. *Refer to: Tax documents filed by Lions Clubs International.

News: Salem files motion on law suit & Somerville not quick to welcome Walmart

Salem files motion on Lynn law suit
July 24, 2011, By Chris Stevens for The Daily Item
Link:  http://www.itemlive.com/articles/2011/07/25/news/news05.prt

No red carpet for Walmart Market
Grocery store faces obstacles in Somerville
July 23, 2011, By Taryn Luna for The Boston Globe

More meadow/ pine barrens discoveries

These are recent findings of different species and objects found in various places of Spring Pond Woods.

unidentified dragonfly
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem
photographer:  Leslie C.

Sweet White Clover flora
location:  meadows Peabody/ Salem
photographer:  Leslie C.

 Spicebush Swallowtail
location:  Spring Pond Road, Peabody/Lynn
photographer:  Leslie C.

unidentified bluet damselfly
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem

unidentified black caterpillar
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem

 unidentified tiny white flora
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem

Common Whitetail dragonfly
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem
(commonly found in the barrens of Cape Cod)

unidentified white aster flora
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem

unidentified yellow flora
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem

unidentified moth
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem

unidentified dragonfly
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem

unidentified purple flora
location:  Pine Barrens, Salem

split rock (in many different locations)

garbage bag collector, set by an anonymous person
location:  Spring Pond Rd, Lynn
(Thank You!)

LEED please

Back on Sept 30, 2010, a member of the Salem Planning Board made a preference to have a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified project.  This seems impossible because the location of the project does not meet the checklist of LEED's Site Selection regarding loss of undeveloped land and wetland, including loss of open space, wildlife habitat, issues of storm water discharge, and so forth.

The planning board member, by this statement, highly expresses a lack of knowledge of the site and project details, to which a judgement was placed upon.

Below is a copy from the meeting minutes w/links to LEED info.

Salem Planning Board
Minutes of Meeting
September 30, 2010


Copy from meeting minutes (if link breaks above):
"Helen Sides wanted to hear more about sustainability and asked if Lowe’s would receive LEED certification.  Rob Jess said no, but it would meet many LEED requirements nonetheless without undergoing certification; Ms. Sides expressed her preference that it be LEED certified, or at least the best possible green design that a Lowe’s can be."  

LEED reference: (copy)
Sustainable Sites
"Site selection and development are important components of a building’s sustainability. The Sustainable Sites category discourages development on previously undeveloped land; seeks to minimize a building's impact on ecosystems and waterways; encourages regionally appropriate landscaping; rewards smart transportation choices; controls stormwater runoff; and promotes reduction of erosion, light pollution, heat island effect and construction-related pollution." http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=1989

LEED checklist:

Mass Audubon Bird Watch, July

It is unclear where these species listed by the Mass Audubon were sighted.  There are many gulls seen at Spring Pond.  Here is a report for a Glaucous Gull, roaming the Salem area.  There were no observations noted for South Peabody or Lynn near this area in the past month.  Perhaps because observers are not generally walking this site?

More wetland and meadow discoveries

Recent photos shared by Leslie Courtemanche.  

Small amphibian

 Two unidentified dragonflies courting

White Swamp Azalea

unidentified Butterfly


Map: Lion Land Transfers

The black outline in the maps below represent land granted by Elizabeth Trumbull in 1945 to Lynn Lions members, who later created the organization Camp Lion (copy).  Property which has been sold off, taken, or under a current sale agreement is shaded in pink.  The 'wild woodland' remaining or to remain from this grant is approximately shown in white.  Camp Lion of Lynn, Mass, Articles of Declaration state to maintain wild woodland (copy).

Previous Lion land transfers

Proposed Lion land transfers and clearing
Project:  Lowe's, expanded Wal-mart, displaced campground, water tower, and basins

Map overlays using Mass GIS data and Deed plan no. 71/55.   Drawn in Vectorworks Designer:  Architect, Landmark, Renderworks, by yours truly.

Hidden meadows, Part III

Off the trail, in hidden meadows, a variety of butterflies and wild flowers are found.

 Deptford Pink (photo by Leslie C.)

White Swamp Azalea (photo by Leslie C.)

flora 1 (photo by Leslie C.)

Unidentified grasshopper

flora 2

unidentified damselfly

flora 3

Whorled Loosestrife

 unidentified Milkweed

unidentified beetle

Eastern Pondhawk

unidentified grasshopper

Sparganothis unifasciana

St. John's Wort

flora 4

Cabbage White

unidentified beetle on Swamp Rose flower

flora 5

Silver-spotted Skipper

American Mountain Ash

unidentified white clover

Cabbage White

flora 7

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