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News: Lynn withdraws big box lawsuit

The Daily Item
Lynn withdraws big box lawsuit
November 28, 2011, by Chris Stevens

Red-tailed Hawk

Yesterday morning about 8:20 am, a Red-tailed hawk was perched on the limb of a tree while black crows mobbed the large bird from above.  The hawk seemingly unaffected by the crows flying down on it, sat looking on its surroundings.

This is not the first sighting of a Red-tailed Hawk in the area, although probably the first we have captured by photograph.  For more information on Red-tails, check out The Breeding Atlas of Mass Audubon.  From observing the atlas, it seems a hawk of this kind in the area is undocumented.

Perched stones on hilltop

There is a hill, north of a stream which flows into Spring Pond, believed to be on a parcel labeled Spring Pond, a property of the City of Peabody, in the City of Salem.  When approaching this hill from Spring Pond, there is sight of a perched stone at the top.  We were led to this point by a friend, a place since he was a child called 'the meeting point'.

 From the hill top, a panoramic view of Spring Pond and the surroundings can be seen.

On the other sides of the hilltop, perched stones hang by the cliffs.

The Parody in politics

In the recent Lynn and Salem elections, three candidates who were involved with or had expressed support for the Lowe's/ Super Wal-mart project on Camp Lion, lost in the November race for public seat.  Candidates Lynn City Councilor-at-Large Paul Crowley (former Camp Lion treasurer), Lynn School Committee Vincent Spirito (Camp Lion member), and City of Salem Ward 3 Councilor Jean Pelletier were eliminated by public vote.  Had the candidates' involvement with the project, impacted public opinion?  

The parody of the story was jeered by the 'Head Tomato' of The Lynn Daily Tomato blog, in March of 2011:  "We will see ... if Pauly Crowley will get any blow back from his involvement in the controversial redevelopment of the historic playground into a 7-11."
Link: thelynndailytomato.blogspot.com/2011/03/marshall-middle-school-student-council.html

Lets take a look at quotes in the news from the past year.

Lynn City Councilor-at-Large Paul Crowley (former Camp Lion's treasurer)
"From the Lion's perspective, the project makes sense because of the good work it allows them to do. But neighborhood concerns have to be considered and unless the developer addresses satisfactorily all legitimate concerns of the neighborhood, this is not a good deal," said Councilor at large and former Lion Paul Crowley.
Although the two groups have separate organizational structures and goals, Lynn Lions Club members volunteer with Camp Lion. A Lion for eight years, Crowley resigned from the organization on Monday and vacated his position as group treasurer and board member.
He said he decided to resign "to eliminate any conflict of interest between the interests of the neighborhood and the interest of the Lions." "
- Daily Item, article: 'Mayors to meet over big box differences', Sept 17, 2010
 Link:  itemlive.com/articles/2010/09/18/news/news01.prt

When the purchase-and-sale agreement was signed, the Camp Lions board included Councilor-at-large Paul Crowley as paid treasurer. Crowley has since resigned from the board.  
“I’m a guy who tries to help the community. Throughout the discussion, I was given no indication that this sale would be an issue,” he said Monday. “I’m not a lawyer and it was never suggested that what we were doing was somehow illegal.”
"Besides", said Crowley, "the Kennedy Development Group assured the board the project would have no negative impact on neighborhood drainage or traffic."
“If, in fact, the developer cannot satisfactorily resolve the issues, then I don’t support the project,” he said.
Crowley said the pending sale of land will not be unprecedented. He noted that Camp Lion sold land to others, including the developer of the former Rich’s department store on Highland Avenue.
- Daily Item, article: 'Big Box Opponents from Lynn ask AG to kill deal', Dec 21, 2010, By David Liscio.   Link: itemlive.com/articles/2010/12/21/news/news11.prt

Correnti said the developers are seeking to acquire about 35 of the 90 acres that Camp Lion owns in Salem.
Lynn City Councilor Paul Crowley, a member of the Camp Lion Board of Directors, did not return calls to The Item, nor did attorney Joseph Sarno, the Lynn Lions Club president.
Critics of the project complained to The Item that a Lynn councilor-at-large should not be involved in the massive retail complex deal since it will not bring tax dollars to Lynn and more likely will draw shoppers away from the city's existing businesses.
- The Daily Item, article: 'Lynn Pols eye impact of store expansion', April 11, 2010, by David Liscio. Link: itemlive.com/articles/2010/04/11/news/news01.prt

City of Salem Ward 3 Councilor, Jean Pelletier
Pelletier said Salem is "allowed" to move forward with the project and told Lynn residents to "try to stop us."
-(Blog) The Salem Patch, 'Public Hearings on Controversial Lowe's/Wal-Mart Project Continue Thursday', By Abrey Bracco, Sept 29, 2010. 
 Link: salem.patch.com/articles/public-hearings-on-controversial-loweswal-mart-project-continue-thursday

News: Lynn Continues with Appeal

Salem News
Despite death of Lowe's project, Lynn files appeal
November 3, 2011, by Julie Manganis

Perched stone mysteries

An enlightening discovery of a triangular shaped boulder perched on smaller stones, was observed by nature hikers in a recent walk.  This stone is similar to Phaeton (Cannon) Rock in Lynn, where the boulder appears to be elevated off the ground by a grouping of smaller stones.  The observer states there are 4 stones supporting the boulder.

Thank you for sharing.

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