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Photos of the woods

These are of a few photos, BJoyceArt has shared of their experience through the woods.  The wetlands and springs are partially frozen.  Historic stone walls are of many scenes, which once divided early colonial settlement.

Thank you, Mr. Joyce

Through a wind-chilled winter...

    Sounds of birds pass through the forest.  Wildlife dens are sheltered by leaves.  In the depth of winter, the ground is frozen, until when water in Spring earth receives.  Time-honored stones trace ceaseless arbors.  Beauty is function, as nature perceives.  A Coniferous Forest in the cold of winter, sustains natural homes for life's living things.

Some tree facts: 
Coniferous trees help maintain the micro-climate by blocking prevailing winter winds, and in the summer help provide a cooling shade.  Trees help reduce noise pollution, filter and clean the air, create more oxygen through photosynthesis, and provide year round nesting locations for the wildlife.  Trees can be used to reduce glare, create spaces, control topsoil runoff, and provide an artistic visually rich scene for the senses, by providing color, randomness and beauty in the gray of winter, with consistency throughout the year.