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Metal scrap collectors clean woods!

Finally.  Abandoned old automobile parts found near a stream were hauled out of the woods.  This message and photo is shared by a friend.

         "I was driving by the other day and saw a pickup truck parked over by the path leading into Spring Pond Woods. I slowed down thinking that it might be someone dumping stuff but I was wrong. I looked down the path and saw two guys struggling to get a really heavy object out of the woods. It was a Chevy straight 6 cylinder engine. They were carting it out on a two wheeled dolly. This thing probably weighed about 5 hundred pounds. They were cleaning up the old rusted stolen cars that had been there for decades.(!) The motivations were partly selfish, as they were looking for scrap metal to trade in for cash. But that was outweighed by the fact that they're doing a really good public service. I haven't been down there this week but will take a look when I get a chance. This saves the city of Peabody a few bucks."

Thank you for sharing, and thank you to the men who picked up the debris.
I believe the skeleton from one of these old vehicles was removed from the woods.  

Link of an Important Regional Wildlife Corridor

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      'Peabody Open Space Plan 2006':   area "may be considered as part of a larger wildlife corridor system, allowing pathways for animal migration.  As the observations of bird life in Peabody suggest, the large tract of public and private land in South Peabody serves as a route for over 144 species of migrating birds.... This area, along with open areas in the neighboring cities of Lynn and Salem, is a significant regional resource that supports a great variety of wildlife."


When looking at an aerial map from above, Spring Pond Woods appears to be a link between areas on the coast and inland.  If these wooded areas were cut off, a big concern would be that 'Important Bird Areas' and sanctuaries near the coastline would become more isolated if the wildlife corridor link was broken?  Is there an expert looking at this more closely?  

Curious Blooms

A Tulip flower is blooming on the side of fallen log.

Silver Dollars bloom again this year. Silver Dollars are commonly found in Europe. Traditionally placed in wedding bouquets as good luck.

little blooms